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Wolf's Milk Slime Mold (Lycogala epidendrum) Growing on a rotting pine in a dense mixed forest.<br />
<figure class="photo"><a href="https://www.jungledragon.com/image/70294/wolfs_milk_slime_mold_lycogala_epidendrum.html" title="Wolf&#039;s Milk Slime Mold (Lycogala epidendrum)"><img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.jungledragon.com/images/3231/70294_thumb.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=05GMT0V3GWVNE7GGM1R2&Expires=1562198410&Signature=xSTknb%2FzpftNygP1ek734Bq%2FIAA%3D" width="200" height="134" alt="Wolf&#039;s Milk Slime Mold (Lycogala epidendrum) Growing on a rotting pine in a dense mixed forest.<br />
https://www.jungledragon.com/image/70295/wolfs_milk_slime_mold_lycogala_epidendrum.html Fall,Geotagged,Lycogala epidendrum,Myxomycetes,United States,Wolf&#039;s milk,lycogala,pink spores,slime,slime mold,spores,wolf&#039;s milk" /></a></figure> Fall,Geotagged,Lycogala epidendrum,Myxomycetes,United States,Wolf's milk,lycogala,slime,slime mold,wolf's milk Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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''Lycogala epidendrum'', commonly known as wolf's milk or groening's slime, is a cosmopolitan species of plasmodial slime mould which is often mistaken for a fungus. The aethalia, or fruiting bodies, occur either scattered or in groups on damp rotten wood, especially on large logs, from June to November. These aethalia are small, pink to brown cushion-like globs. They may excrete a pink paste if the outer wall is broken before maturity. When mature, the colour tends to become more brownish. When.. more

Similar species: Liceida
Species identified by Lisa Kimmerling
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Uploaded Dec 4, 2018. Captured Dec 2, 2018 11:35 in 234 Oakman Rd NE, Ranger, GA 30734, USA.
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