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BLACK-NAPED MONARCH  (m) Towel please...!!<br />
<br />
BLACK-NAPED MONARCH  after bath..<br />
<br />
Scientific Name<br />
Hypothymis azurea<br />
<br />
Alternate Names<br />
Black-naped Blue Flycatcher, Black-naped Blue Warbler<br />
<br />
Gears: Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Tamron 150-600 mm<br />
<br />
Sinhagad Valley, Pune<br />
<br />
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Towel please...!!


Scientific Name
Hypothymis azurea

Alternate Names
Black-naped Blue Flycatcher, Black-naped Blue Warbler

Gears: Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Tamron 150-600 mm

Sinhagad Valley, Pune

Feb 2018

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  1. Great shot! Posted one year ago

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The black-naped monarch or black-naped blue flycatcher is a slim and agile passerine bird belonging to the family of monarch flycatchers found in southern and south-eastern Asia. They are sexually dimorphic, with the male having a distinctive black patch on the back of the head and a narrow black half collar , while the female is duller with olive brown wings and lacking the black markings on the head. They have a call that is similar to that of the Asian paradise flycatcher, and in tropical forest.. more

Similar species: Passerines
Species identified by Sameer Deshpande
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By Sameer Deshpande

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Uploaded Dec 3, 2018. Captured in Sinhagad Trek path, Thoptewadi, Maharashtra 411025, India.