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Seal Delighted to have been treated to this seal this morning at Newtown Harbour Geotagged,Harbor (common) seal,Phoca vitulina,Summer,United Kingdom,isle of wight,seals Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. From today's JungleDragon Facebook post:

    "The sight of this lovely harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) was quite a delight for JungleDragon moderator, Claire Hamilton, and we are so glad she shared it with us! Harbor seals are found along temperate and Arctic coastlines in the Northern Hemisphere, making them the most widespread pinnipeds. They are curious, yet shy animals that prefer quiet areas. Seals frequent familiar resting spots and "haul out" on beaches and rocks to bask in the sun and sleep. At the slightest sign of danger they simply slip back into the water and swim away. They can dive as deep as 450 meters and stay underwater for nearly 30 minutes! They accomplish such long dives by slowing their heart rates from 80 beats per minute to as few as three. Before diving, they release a deep exhalation, which reduces the amount of oxygen in their lungs, so that they rely on stored oxygen in their blood while underwater. Their blood is shunted away from their extremities and is concentrated on maintaining the core functions of the brain, heart, and lungs.They are perfectly adapted for their environment! {Spotted on the Isle of Wight by JungleDragon moderator, Claire Hamilton} #JungleDragon"
    Posted one year ago
    1. Thank you Christine! Great write up! Posted one year ago
      1. You're welcome, Claire! It's a lovely shot :)

        And, thanks!
        Posted one year ago

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The harbor seal, also known as the common seal, is a true seal found along temperate and Arctic marine coastlines of the Northern Hemisphere. The most widely distributed species of pinniped , they are found in coastal waters of the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Baltic and North Seas.

Harbor seals are brown, tan, or gray, with distinctive V-shaped nostrils. An adult can attain a length of 1.85 meters and a mass of 132 kilograms . Blubber under the seal's skin helps to maintain.. more

Similar species: Carnivorans
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By Claire Hamilton

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Uploaded Aug 28, 2018. Captured Aug 28, 2018 03:22 in 2 Coastguard Cottages, Newtown, Newport PO30 4PA, UK.
  • Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  • f/5.6
  • 1/500s
  • ISO200
  • 400mm