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White Palpita Moth (Diaphania costata) At porch lights near an overgrown backyard habitat.<br />
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White Palpita Moth (Diaphania costata)

At porch lights near an overgrown backyard habitat.

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  1. Perfection <3 Posted one year ago
    1. It made my morning! Posted one year ago
      1. Oh, I just saw this was from 5:30 am, lol! I would consider getting up that early to see such a beauty! It's a perfect shot too! Posted one year ago
        1. I was up at 3 am with itchiness, so I figured I would get some mothing in! Posted one year ago
          1. Ugh, well at least you had this moth to lift your spirits! Posted one year ago
            1. Both of you are hardcore, hats off!

              The photo and species...pure class.
              Posted one year ago
              1. Thank you, Ferdy! It really cheered me up this morning! <3 I'm probably not going to be seriously hiking for a week or so, so mothing will likely be on the agenda instead. Not only am I still feeling the effects of the wasp incident (fatigue, asthma, and low fever), but I'm a little apprehensive to step foot in the woods right now! I really don't feel like landing myself in the hospital (or even the doctor's office)! Posted one year ago
                1. Wow sorry, saw something on FB but was in a hurry and only skimmed over it, didn't realize it was this serious. Take good care of yourself! Posted one year ago
                  1. Thanks! I almost got 10 hours of sleep last night, so I'm hoping that will speed up my recovery. I'm not itching nearly as bad today, but I still feel pretty BLAH!

                    It doesn't take much to make my body angry (I have a lot of sensitivities and allergies already), so I shouldn't be surprised that 20+ stings caused a reaction. I'm just relieved and thankful that I didn't have an anaphylactic reaction!
                    Posted one year ago
                    1. I hope it doesn't develop a new allergy. I had a friend who once fell in a shallow stream and was stung hundreds of times, can't tolerate any new sting now. Posted one year ago
                      1. We are concerned about that too. With the severity of my reaction, we are talking about purchasing an EPI-pen to be on the safe side. I've heard multiple stories that are similar to your friend's!

                        We are pretty far from any hospitals (~30 minutes), so it would be terrible to be caught in that situation. :(
                        Posted one year ago

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''Diaphania costata'', commonly known as the white palpita moth, is a moth of the family Crambidae. It is widely disperesed, being found in the Indomalaya ecozone, as well as Europe. It is also found in Mexico and Texas, possibly having been introduced accidentally.

It is a small moth with translucent white wings, and a gold line on the front edge of the forewing.

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Species identified by Lisa Kimmerling
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