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Marmalade hoverfly, Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands Found on oak leaf in a mixed forest. Called "Pyama fly" in dutch. Episyrphus balteatus,Europe,Heeswijk-Dinther,Netherlands,World Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Marmalade hoverfly, Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands

Found on oak leaf in a mixed forest. Called "Pyama fly" in dutch.

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  1. Wow, those eyes are huge! Posted 2 days ago
    1. "Pyama" = Nightdress?? Posted 2 days ago
      1. Yes indeed :) Posted yesterday
        1. Cool! Dutch names are so creative! Posted yesterday
          1. Bananas in Pyamas is quite creative too ;)

            Humor in the way us dutch name things goes back centuries. For example, when moving from a one name system to a two name system, many last names were registered based on nicknames (which as you know typically are funny and slightly insulting) or spontaneously made up, not realizing some of these names surviving to this day.

            One of my favorites is "naaktgeboren" -> "Born naked". It's an awesome last name, and no lies were told.
            Posted yesterday
            1. I love the literal meanings of words. German is a very fun language for funny, literal translations as well:

              Nacktschnecke = Slug; literally "naked snail"
              Zahnfleisch = Gums; literally "tooth meat"
              Ohrwurm = It means something stuck in your head that you can't stop thinking about; literally "ear worm"
              Wildpinkler = Someone who pees outside; literally "Wild pee-er"
              Posted 3 hrs ago
              1. To show you how close dutch is to german:


                Meaning is exactly as you already translated.
                Posted 2 hrs ago
                1. Awesome!! Posted 2 hrs ago

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''Episyrphus balteatus'', sometimes called the marmalade hoverfly, is a relatively small hoverfly of the Syrphidae family, widespread throughout the Palaearctic region, which covers Europe, North Asia and North Africa. The upper side of the abdomen is patterned with orange and black bands. Two further identification characters are the presence of secondary black bands on the third and fourth dorsal plates and faint greyish longitudinal stripes on the thorax. Its color patterns may appear wasp-like.. more

Similar species: True Flies
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