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Anemone Hermit Crab - Dardanus pedunculatus  Anemone Hermit Crab,Anilao,Batangas,Crab,Dardanus pedunculatus,Hermit Crab,Philippines Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. That is incredible! Love it! Posted one year ago
    1. Thanks, Christine :) Posted one year ago
  2. Love the eyes, great shot! Posted one year ago
    1. Thanks, Stuart :) Posted one year ago
  3. Awesome! Posted one year ago
    1. Thnaks, Ferdy :) Posted one year ago
  4. From today's JungleDragon Facebook post:

    "The relationship between anemone hermit crabs (Dardanus pedunculatus) and sea anemones is intimate, functional, beautiful, and symbiotic! Hermit crabs pick up sea anemones and attach them to their shells, thus becoming partners for life. The hermit crabs benefit by gaining protection from predators, thanks to the sea anemone's stinging cells! If a potential predator approaches, the hermit crab hides in its shell and lets its sea anemone bodyguard defend them. In return, sea anemones benefit by getting to eat the leftover scraps of food that hermit crabs leave behind. Hermit crabs tend to be messy eaters, and so the leftovers can be quite sumptuous for an anemone. When a hermit crab change shells, it removes the anemones from its old shell and places them on its new shell. As further evidence of their bond, the anemones will only respond to the touch of their hermit crabs during this process. The partnership between these two species is one of many beautiful examples of vastly different species living together in harmony. Symbiosis is fascinating. {Spotted in the Philippines by JungleDragon moderator, Albert Kang} #JungleDragon"
    Posted one year ago
    1. Thanks, Christine for featuring this one :) Posted one year ago
      1. You're welcome! I love the uniqueness or your spottings! They really connect people with nature. Posted one year ago

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''Dardanus pedunculatus'', the anemone hermit crab, is a species of hermit crab from the Indo-Pacific region. It lives at depths of up to 27 m and collects sea anemones to place on its shell for defence.

Similar species: Ten-footed Crustaceans
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