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  1. How cool, Lars! Can you share where you found it? Type of habitat? Posted 4 years ago
    1. Forest edge, mixed spruce, oak and beech woods. It was crossing our trail as I was nearly stepping on it. Posted 4 years ago
      1. Thanks, glad you didn't :) Posted 4 years ago
  2. What a very cool and beautiful find and image! I see it is now a protected species back home in the UK. Posted 4 years ago

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''Anguis fragilis'', or slow worm, slow-worm or slowworm, is a limbless reptile native to Eurasia. It is also sometimes referred to as the blindworm or blind worm, though the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds considers this to be incorrect.

Similar species: Scaled Reptiles
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Uploaded Jul 23, 2018.