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Pyrausta aurata Pyrausta aurata Crambidae,Geotagged,Lepidoptera,Mint Moth,Netherlands,Pyraloidea,Pyrausta,Pyrausta aurata,Pyraustinae,nl: Muntvlindertje Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Beautiful! Was it in Holland? Posted one year ago
    1. Yes - I forgot to tag it last night *rolleyes* - in Drenthe on a Mint plant Posted one year ago
      1. Nice finding! Posted one year ago
  2. It just shows how a tiny creature can be so beautiful! Posted one year ago

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The mint moth is a small moth from the family Crambidae, active by day.

The purplish-brown wings have a span from 10 to 15 millimetres, and a single golden yellow spot on each overwing and underwing. The moth is very similar to the related ''Pyrausta purpuralis'', a slightly larger moth with a larger number of yellow spots.

As the name suggests, the mint moth often uses mint as a food plant, though it can also be found on other species such as marjoram. In north-west Europe.. more

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Public Domain
Uploaded Jul 21, 2018. Captured in Koekanger Dwarsdijk 42, 7958 SV Koekange, Netherlands.