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Psytalla horrida Imago of species Psytalla horrida (in culture) Cimicomorpha,Hemiptera,Heteroptera,Psytalla,Psytalla horrida,Reduviidae Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. What a fantastic and grisly common name. Is this a pet? I’m curious if it’s true that they can shoot/spray venom out of their rostrum. I tried to rear kissing bugs in captivity once, but they didn’t do well. Posted 2 years ago
    1. Hi Christine, I've probably only read the same stories/info that you did and I'm not eager to find out the nasty way *rolleyes* - I've had these for a month or so now and basically just let them be, just feeding (roaches) and observing them. Chances are that the info is correct, so I'm probably better off not enticing them to feed on me ;o)

      PS: "Is this a pet?" - Well, yes I suppose. I've been keeping these in connection with a display in our local museum where we are currently hosting an insect exhibition with life and pinned large insects. But I never intended these to be cuddly pets to "handle" all the time (like maybe walking leaves or stick insects or so ;o)
      Posted 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago
      1. Definitely don’t want to make them mad ;) Posted 2 years ago
  2. Hell! :D What a beauty! Posted 2 years ago

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''Psytalla horrida'' is an insect in the ''Psytalla'' genus of assassin bugs. It is commonly called the horrid king assassin bug or giant spiny assassin bug.

Similar species: True Bugs
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