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Chrysoperla carnea s.l. - Winter colours  Chrysoperla,Chrysoperla carnea,Chrysopidae,Common green lacewing,Neuroptera,nl: Goudoogje Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Interesting! I had no idea they changed color in the winter. Posted one year ago
    1. There are only a few species of Chrysopidae in my region that overwinter as imago, just the Chrysoperla spp and Peyerimhoffina I think. The latter overwinters in Conifers and remains green (like its hide out). Of the Chrysoperla carnea species complex one stays green, one turns darker reddish brown and two turn yellowish brown like this one. If you find a red-brown one you hence know the species. Otherwise the various spp are only clearly identifiable by their differing mating "songs". Posted one year ago
      1. Wow, so cool! I also didn't realize that they have mating songs. Awesome! Posted one year ago

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''Chrysoperla carnea'', known as the common green lacewing, is an insect in the Chrysopidae family. It is found in many parts of America, Europe and Asia. The adults feed on nectar, pollen and aphid honeydew but the larvae are active predators and feed on aphids and other small insects. It has been used in the biological control of insect pests on crops.

''Chrysoperla carnea'' was originally considered to be a single species with a holarctic distribution but it has now been shown to be.. more

Similar species: Net-winged Insects
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