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Cladonia asahinae I found a bunch of these lichens growing on a rock in a rural yard. Cladonia asahinae,Geotagged,Spring,United States,cladonia,lichen Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

Cladonia asahinae

I found a bunch of these lichens growing on a rock in a rural yard.

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  1. Reminds me of the term "lipstick lichen", but possibly that's a different species. Posted one year ago
    1. I’m not sure because the red color of the top part is a different shade. I’ve posted this on MO and in a lichen group on FB, and so far I don’t have a species ID. It seems to resemble a species (Cladonia parasitical) that only grows on wood, yet this one was on a rock...Maybe the color was just off on this one due to environmental conditions? Hmm, so far, it’s a mystery. Posted one year ago
  2. Hello Christine, just came across this post of yours. Could it be C. asahinae? The branching podetia sort of throw me off but they do have pointy granules and brown apothecia.
    A Cladonia... Again! I am guessing this lichen may be Cladonia coccifera. I would be happier if the fruiting bodies were redder in colour but quite the lichen just the same. Canada,Cladonia asahinae,Geotagged,Summer
    Posted 9 months ago, modified 9 months ago
    1. I definitely think that's a good bet, thanks! Posted 9 months ago
      1. You are welcome. These lichens would be easier to ID if they were comprised of a single living thing. Having two and now some say three together just makes identification more difficult... but fun! Posted 9 months ago
        1. Exactly! I know very little about lichens and appreciate all the help I can get! I love hunting for them though! There are so many unique and beautiful kinds :) Posted 9 months ago
          1. They are definitely worth looking for and taking photos of. The ID is the most challenging for me. I have just gone through my main photo reference book,
            and realize that there are many more to search for. I find the identification “keys” harder to use because of my lack of experience using them.
            Seems to be too complicated for me... maybe in the future!
            Posted 9 months ago

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''Cladonia asahinae'' is a species of lichen in the family Cladoniaceae. It grows on moss, particularly ''Chorisodontium aciphyllum'', ''Polytrichum strictum'', and ''Andreaea'' species. ''C. asahinae'' occurs in Europe, North America, and the southernmost part of South America. It also grows in the Antarctic.

Similar species: Lecanorales
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