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Elderflower or Sambucus in full bloom in spring. Elderflower, Eu Blooming danewort dwarf elderberry or elderwort, Sambucus ebulus, close-up, selective focus Bulgaria,European dwarf elder,Geotagged,Sambucus ebulus,alternative,background,beautiful,black,bloom,blossom,branch,bud,bush,closeup,common,elder,elderberry,elderflower,european,flora Click/tap to enlarge Country intro

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  1. Nice, with a bonus spider :)

    I've asked a few times again, but will keep asking: please set the country on your unmapped photos:

    Without a country set, these photos will not show up in many lists. It's also in your interest to do this and only takes a few seconds. Let me know if anything is unclear, we're here to help.
    Posted one year ago
    1. Hi, I always geotagging my photos.
      Posted one year ago

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''Sambucus ebulus'', also known as danewort, dane weed, danesblood, dwarf elder or European dwarf elder, walewort, elderwort and blood hilder is a herbaceous species of elder, native to southern and central Europe and southwest Asia.

Similar species: Teasels
Species identified by morpheme
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By Julian Popov

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Uploaded May 8, 2018. Captured in ul. "Nedyalka Shileva" 5, 4023 Southern Industrial Zone, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.