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Bronzed Frog (Hylarana temporalis)  Bronze Frog,Bronzed frog,Common frog,Geotagged,Hylarana temporalis,India,Lithobates clamitans clamitans,Rana temporaria Click/tap to enlarge PromotedCountry intro

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  1. I think the current name for this frog may be: Indosylvirana temporalis. http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/58733/0 Posted 2 years ago
  2. Beauty! Posted 2 years ago

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''Hylarana temporalis'', commonly known as the bronzed frog or G√ľnther's golden-backed frog, is a species of true frog found in the riparian evergreen forests of the highlands of southwestern Sri Lanka. They are found abundantly on or close to the ground near water. Individuals are not shy and react by jumping only when provoked. They are important prey of many species of snakes, including the vine snake. Some related species found in the Western Ghats of India were formerly included in this species.. more

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Uploaded Apr 26, 2018. Captured in Wildernest Entry Rd, Goa 416512, India.