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Katta close-up Another portrait of &quot;King Julien&quot;...<br />
Katta is the german name of the ring-tailed lemur (lemur catta). Geotagged,Germany,Lemur catta,Lemuridae,Primates,Ring-tailed lemur,lemur catta Click/tap to enlarge Country intro

Katta close-up

Another portrait of "King Julien"...
Katta is the german name of the ring-tailed lemur (lemur catta).

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  1. Julien! Posted 7 years ago

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The ring-tailed lemur is a large strepsirrhine primate and the most recognized lemur due to its long, black and white ringed tail. It belongs to Lemuridae, one of five lemur families, and is the only member of the ''Lemur'' genus. Like all lemurs it is endemic to the island of Madagascar. Known locally in Malagasy as ' , spelled ' in French) or ', it inhabits gallery forests to spiny scrub in the southern regions of the island. It is omnivorous and the most terrestrial of lemurs. The animal is diurnal,.. more

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Uploaded Aug 24, 2012. Captured Aug 22, 2012 14:34 in Am Safaripark, 29693 Hodenhagen, Germany.
  • NIKON D50
  • f/5.0
  • 10/3200s
  • 200mm