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Tan Lettuce-Leaf Coral Sep 12, 2017. Seen in the dive site Alice in Wonderland.<br />
Changed species based on this link:<br />
<a href="http://www.coralsoftheworld.org/species_factsheets/species_factsheet_summary/agaricia-agaricites/" rel="nofollow">http://www.coralsoftheworld.org/species_factsheets/species_factsheet_summary/agaricia-agaricites/</a><br />
 Agaricia agaricites,Caribbean Netherlands,Geotagged,Lettuce-Leaf Coral,Summer Click/tap to enlarge PromotedCountry intro

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''Agaricia agaricites'', commonly known as lettuce coral or tan lettuce-leaf coral, is a species of colonial stony corals in the family Agariciidae. This coral is found in shallow waters in the tropical western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a common species and the IUCN has assessed its status as being of "least concern".

Similar species: Stony Corals
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Uploaded Dec 26, 2017. Captured Sep 12, 2017 18:45 in EEG Boulevard, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands.
  • XZ-1
  • f/2.5
  • 1/125s
  • ISO100
  • 6mm