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White Comma butterfly side (Polygonia c-album) Dutch name: Gehakkelde aurelia Comma,Geotagged,Polygonia c-album,The Netherlands Click/tap to enlarge

White Comma butterfly side (Polygonia c-album)

Dutch name: Gehakkelde aurelia

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  1. A bit too unsharp for me, unfortunately. Love the aurelia tho. Posted 6 years ago
    1. Yeah I know it could be sharper, Ferdy did a better job.

      Aurelia is a nice butterfly indeed.
      Posted 6 years ago
      1. I don't think the photo is unsharp, the depth of field is too small and that is macro challenge number one. There's a few things to combat it. I'll put them here just to share my own struggles because you probably know all of this :)

        - In this photo, the butterfly is facing the camera diagonally, giving it more depth, and thus the DOF challenge. By repositioning yourself so that the butterfly is facing you horizontally, the depth of field is limited, and you can get all of it sharp. Of course, that doesn't allow for a lot of creative composition.

        - One other way would be to alter the aperture, perhaps to F11. This will let in less light and if you shoot from hand, you'll probably need to increase your ISO, which may introduce noise.

        - Both options above are not always attractive, so if I would insist on this particular composition, I would typically just take a step back, leave the aperture and ISO as they are right now, and have all of the butterfly in focus. Then I crop it. With enough sharpness and megapixels nobody can tell given a subject of this size.

        - And of course there is focus stacking. Which basically only works with a tripod and a dead or non-moving subject. Not very practical.

        As I said, you as Mr Sharp already know this, but I hope this is useful to others.
        Posted 6 years ago
        1. Good explanation.

          For this photo I see the iso is on 100, normally for macro I set it to 400 so the diafragma gets smaller (higher value) and the DOF bigger. Overall sharpness decreases a bit by this because the noise reduction algorithm hurts sharpness.
          In this case another position was not possible. I could have moved a bit further away. I actually took a picture from further away, but that is shaken and over-exposed. This picture was shaken as well, but I was able to sharpen it up enough.
          Posted 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago

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The Comma is a species of butterfly belonging to the family Nymphalidae. Its irregular wing edges are characteristic of the ''Polygonia'' genus, which is why they are commonly called anglewings. It is found in northern Africa and across Europe from Portugal through Asia as far as Japan. Its dorsal wings are colourful but its underside has a pattern that camouflages it when its wings are held together.

Similar species: Moths And Butterflies
Species identified by Joost Thissen
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By Joost Thissen

Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
Uploaded Aug 15, 2012. Captured Jul 22, 2012 15:30 in Heerstraatpad, 6285 Epen, The Netherlands.
  • SLT-A55V
  • f/5.0
  • 1/200s
  • ISO100
  • 90mm