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Chrysolina americana On Rosemary in a garden in France Chrysolina,Chrysolina americana,Chrysomelidae,Chrysomelinae,Coleoptera,Rosemary beetle,invasive species Click/tap to enlarge PromotedCountry intro

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  1. Nice beetle. This is the most spectacularly colored beetle in the genus. Posted 2 years ago
    1. Yes, true little jewels those, and no problem to share some of our Rosemary with this little foreign intruder ;o) Hard to do them right on a photo with all the iridescence that changes the appearance from every angle (of lighting). Chrysolina cerealis is fairly similar, but not quite so shiny/iridescent I think (never seen one) and there are a few candidates is Oreina which is sometimes disputed as a valid genus viz Chrysolina, but this one is all the way up there :o) Posted 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago
    2. Arp had me fooled from the thumbnail, I was convinced this was one of yours :) Posted 2 years ago
      1. I take that as a compliment - thanks Ferdy :o) Posted 2 years ago

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Chrysolina americana, common name rosemary beetle, is a species of beetles belonging to the family Chrysomelidae.

Similar species: Beetles
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