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Bald Eagle portrait Part of a bird show at the Beekse Bergen, the Netherlands. Heavily post processed background. Bald Eagle,BeekseBergenHaliaeetus leucocephalus Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Bald Eagle portrait

Part of a bird show at the Beekse Bergen, the Netherlands. Heavily post processed background.

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  1. Did you remove people in the background? Posted 10 years ago
    1. Yes I did, only the instructor. Notice the faint pink bokeh on the left? That used to be the instructor :) Posted 10 years ago
      1. I already thougt so that the pink bokeh was the public or the instructor when I read that you post processed the background. Nice bird close up. Posted 10 years ago
  2. YEAH BABY! Most excelent capture, very very good. Gratz on the promotion:). Honestly! Posted 10 years ago
    1. Thanks, appreciate it! Posted 10 years ago
  3. Fantastic portrait! Posted 10 years ago
  4. Hi Ferdy, This is a bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, not the White-tailed, Cheers Posted 2 years ago
    1. Embarrassing! As excuse I'll use it's from 2012, where I was an even larger fool.
      Thanks so much for the correction.
      Posted 2 years ago
  5. That's not anything that anyone would set as a defining characteristic of you, Ferdy & no need for embarrassment! We all do it, get something in the head & then it's gone. I was just looking, as had one yesterday on Jura, will no doubt put a couple on. There was a Steller's here too, a couple more balds and 2 Goldens. Hope you're well!
    Posted 2 years ago

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The Bald Eagle is a bird of prey found in North America. It is the national bird of the United States of America and appears on its Seal. This sea eagle has two known sub-species and forms a species pair with the White-tailed Eagle. Its range includes most of Canada and Alaska, all of the contiguous United States, and northern Mexico. It is found near large bodies of open water with an abundant food supply and old-growth trees for nesting.

Similar species: Diurnal Birds Of Prey
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By Ferdy Christant

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Uploaded Aug 9, 2012. Captured Apr 29, 2011 15:32.
  • NIKON D7000
  • f/6.3
  • 1/400s
  • ISO220
  • 500mm