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Orange tortoise beetle  Aspidimorpha,Aspidimorpha miliaris,Cassidinae,Chrysomelidae,Coleoptera,Geotagged,India,Summer,Tortoise Beetle Click/tap to enlarge PromotedCountry intro

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  1. Nice find! Did you use any reference to come to the Aspidimorpha westwoodii species? I'm asking because the genus seems to have some very similar looking species, for example Aspidimorpha miliaris. Posted 2 years ago
    1. Aspidimorpha westwoodi is basically an Australian species. I don't have access to the World Catalogue of the Cassidinae (Borowiec, 1999) but in a recent publication "New records of Asian and Australopapuan tortoise beetles (Borowiec, 2009) he still lists the distribution as: "Australia: Queensland, N Territory, N New South Wales".
      I have found no serious publications that suggest otherwise. There are however a few images of "Aspidimorpha westwoodi" from India to be found on the internet. A nice series of oviposition, larvae and adults on Alamy, some also copied on Minden and/or other sites. Here is one of these:
      That looks a lot like the one in the picture above by Shubham Rathore, but nothing like the true Aspidimorpha westwoodi from Aussieland, pictured here:
      In short : The images of "Aspidimorpha westwoodi" from India IMHO are all just misidentified or copy-cat misidentifications (very common problem on the internet)
      So, what species is the one above? I could not find a comprehensive checklist for India, or at least none that seems to be reasonably reliable. From various publications I have assembled the list below, but I have no means of checking the validity of the identifications in these publications. Anyway, these seem to be fair candidates to be present in India:
      Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) chandrika (Maulik, 1918)
      Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) furcata (Thunberg, 1789)
      Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) fuscopunctata Boheman, 1854
      Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) indica Boheman, 1854
      Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) inuncta Boheman, 1854
      Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) lobata Boheman, 1854
      Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) miliaris (Fabricius, 1775)
      Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) sanctaecrucis (Fabricius, 1792)
      There are some extra species in the old Fauna of British India etc etc. (Maulik, 1919), some of those seem to be no longer valid, some are from outside India (Birma etc) but a few might need to be included for India still, even if I have not found any recent references for those (A.dorsata, A.orientalis and A.fusconotata??)
      The book is here: https://archive.org/stream/coleopterachryso02jacoiala
      Additionally there are some extra species that occur near Indian borders, but the location for the one above is sufficiently remote from those borders to ignore these for now.
      Most of the Indian species above can be addressed with a key to the Chinese Aspidimorpha I found on BHL:
      The 2nd volume of the Monographia Cassididarum (Boheman, 1854), with original descriptions for many of the species (including A. westwoodi) is found here:
      All in all it would seem that this beetle should simply be the omnipresent Aspidimorpha miliaris, but I'm not a specialist and Cassidinae are generally tricky to ID, especially from photo. Many species have 2 or more quite distinctive colour morphs that used to be identified as seperate species etc etc. partially maybe even depending on seasonallity/weather or foodplant during development.
      I've spent quite enough time on this one today, so I'll ID it tentatively as miliaris for now - it probably just is that species even if I can't go the last mile on it.
      Cheers, Arp
      Posted 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago
      1. Arp, that's an entire study to justify the identification, absolutely fantastic how deep you go. Thank you so much. Posted 2 years ago
      2. Great study, Arp. A. miliaris appears to be an orange beetle with a melanic morph including a transitional series of intermediate variations.
        considering it ia a variable species, at least in this detail, think it is safe to go the last mile.
        Posted 2 years ago
        1. Sorry for the late reply. Just cleaning up some loose ends ...
          The melanic morphs of miliaris are documented by Maulik (1919) in his "Fauna of Brithish India etc etc" linked above on pages 334-335. He died in 1950 so according to British/European law I cannot assume these to be in the public domain (to use here) until 2021. If the server is hosted in the States, it would be okay as the book was published pre-1922.
          This one by Albert Kang could indeed very well be some intermediate:
          Spotted Tortoise Beetle - Aspidomorpha miliaris  Aspidimorpha miliaris,Beetle,Benguet,Fall,Geotagged,Philippines,Spotted Tortoise Beetle,Tortoise Beetle

          Also, I remembered seeing a pale one on Java myself, just like this one by Vodkaman:
          Aspidomorpha miliaris - Tortoise Beetle This is one of the strangest bugs that I have found, partially because I had never opened my eyes to bugs before, and such creatures went unnoticed.<br />
<br />
Location is Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Alongside a stream and paddy fields.<br />
http://www.jungledragon.com/image/38079/aspidomorpha_miliaris_-_tortoise_beetle.html Aspidimorpha miliaris,Aspidomorpha,Bandung,Geotagged,Indonesia,Java,Tortoise Beetle,West Java,Winter,beetle

          The thing is, that these could/should be miliaris, but at the same time it is a bit worrisome that there seems to be quite a bit of consistency in paleness/melanism between specimen from one island, so I remember ending up with a stomach ache after trying to name my pale one from Java at the time and tossing "those Asian Cassidinae" in an inconclusive/unnamed corner ;o)
          Posted 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago

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''Aspidimorpha miliaris'' is a widespread Asian species of beetles belonging to the family Chrysomelidae. The genus name is frequently misspelled as ''Aspidomorpha'', due to an unjustified spelling change in 1848 .

Similar species: Beetles
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