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Aleuria aurantia  Aleuria aurantia,Fall,Geotagged,Orange peel fungus,United States Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Hey morpheme - I just got a comment on this photo on the JungleDragon Facebook page stating that this ID may be incorrect. The person who commented (a mushroom expert) said that the underside should be white for it to be A. aurantia. What do you think? Posted one month ago
    1. Does he have an alternate suggestion? They did not have a stem like a Sowerbyella... they are brighter than Otidea and also don't have a split. The description of Aleuria aurantia in MatchMaker says the underside can be yellow-orange, just lighter than the upper side, which these seem to be. They do have a fine down on the underside. Other than those, (and Caloscypha, which fruits in spring and stains green, so it's pretty distinctive) I haven't come across other orange cups identified as being around here..

      photo from a local guide (with orange undersides)
      Posted one month ago, modified one month ago
      1. It does look it has a white fuzz on the underside. She didn't suggest an alternative, but I asked. I'll let you know if I hear anything further, but you are very knowledgeable about mushrooms in your area, so whatever you think sounds good to me. Posted one month ago
        1. I'm always willing to check out alternatives - it always seems like no single source covers everything you might see, so there may be a look alike that I've just never come across -not to mention, these days with people doing more testing new species are being identified all the time... Posted one month ago
          1. Absolutely! It's hard to keep up with the changes! Posted one month ago

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The Orange Peel Fungus is a widespread ascomycete fungus in the order Pezizales. The brilliant orange, cup-shaped ascocarps often resemble orange peels strewn on the ground, giving this species its common name.

Similar species: Pezizales
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Uploaded Oct 6, 2017. Captured Oct 5, 2017 15:12 in Sauk Mountain Rd, Concrete, WA 98237, USA.
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