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Shoreline Figwort July 2016.<br />
Ter Yde, Belgium. <br />
Area close to shoreline.<br />
This link from Malta describes the plant and its distribution, including Belgium:<br />
<a href="http://www.maltawildplants.com/SCRO/Scrophularia_auriculata.php" rel="nofollow">http://www.maltawildplants.com/SCRO/Scrophularia_auriculata.php</a> Belgium,Geotagged,Scrophularia auriculata,Summer Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

Shoreline Figwort

July 2016.
Ter Yde, Belgium.
Area close to shoreline.
This link from Malta describes the plant and its distribution, including Belgium:

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''Scrophularia auriculata'', the shoreline figwort or water figwort, is a perennial plant of the genus Scrophularia in the family Scrophulariaceae. It is found commonly in Western Europe and North Africa, on the margins of rivers, ponds and similar damp places.
It is an upright plant reaching 70 cm with blunt oval, crenate leaves in alternate pairs on the greenish–purple square stem, most leaves may have two small lobes at their base. The spikes of flowers are held stiffly on square stems.. more

Similar species: Lamiales
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Uploaded Aug 12, 2017. Captured Jul 31, 2016 15:08 in Albert I Laan 96, 8670 Koksijde, Belgium.
  • SP-100EE
  • f/2.9
  • 1/250s
  • ISO125
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