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''Xylocopa violacea'', the violet carpenter bee, Indian Bhanvra
is the common European species of carpenter bee, and one of the largest bees in Europe. Like most members of the genus ''Xylocopa'', it makes its nests in dead wood.

It is not particularly aggressive and will attack only if forced to. It is sometimes mistaken for the European hornet. This species is well known in India as the 'Bhanvra'.

In 2006 it was reported from Cardigan and 2007 it was found breeding in.. more

Species identified by Stuart Nathaniel
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By Stuart Nathaniel

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Uploaded Jul 15, 2017. Captured in Epar.Od. Magouladon-Afiona, Arillas Agiou Georgiou 490 81, Greece.
  • SM-G950F
  • f/1.7
  • 3/10000s
  • ISO40
  • 4.2mm