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  1. I'm sure it is duckweed but the Identify species can not find it. Posted 10 months ago
    1. There is a good reason for that. Duckweed is a whole family with several genera and many different species. The identification system works for single species only. You should try to find out which particular species grow(s) in that area.
      Posted 10 months ago, modified 10 months ago
      1. Thanks WildFlower Posted 10 months ago

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''Spirodela polyrhiza'' is a species of duckweed known by the common names common duckmeat, greater duckweed, common duckweed, and duckmeat. It can be found nearly worldwide in many types of freshwater habitat. It is a perennial aquatic plant usually growing in dense colonies, forming a mat on the water surface. Each plant is a smooth, round, flat disc one half to one centimeter wide. It produces several minute roots. It also produces a pouch containing male and female flowers. The top part dies.. more

Similar species: Water-plantains
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Uploaded Jul 13, 2017. Captured Jul 12, 2017 09:10 in 11249 N Blackfoot Point, Citrus Springs, FL 34434, USA.