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  1. Excellent intro of a new order of species to JD - inspired me to find an European representative in my older pictures :o)

    Lepidochitona cinerea Some sources mention that we only have this one species in the Netherlands ("Asgrauwe Keverslak"), but others list at least three or four. I have no idea about identification of this group, so any correction is very welcome :o)<br />
Update: Yes we have two more species, but this is Lepidochitona cinerea alright<br />
Dutch descriptions of all three here: http://www.anemoon.org/flora-en-fauna/soorteninformatie/categoryid/2  Acanthochitonina,Chiton,Chitonida,Common chiton,Geotagged,Gray chiton,Lepidochitona,Lepidochitona cinerea,Lepidochitonidae,Mollusca,Mopalioidea,Neoloricata,Netherlands,Polyplacophora
    Posted one year ago, modified one year ago
    1. That is awesome, thank you both! Posted one year ago

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''Chiton olivaceus'', the green chiton, is a species of chiton, a marine polyplacophoran mollusk in the family Chitonidae, the typical chitons.

Similar species: Chitonida
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Uploaded Jul 2, 2017. Captured Jun 30, 2017 18:37 in 9998 N Ocean Dr, Dania Beach, FL 33004, USA.