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''Polistes major major'' is a neotropical eusocial paper wasp subspecies most commonly found on the Hispaniola Island and within Central America. It has been nicknamed "Avispa de caballo", the horse's wasp, in the Dominican Republic.

Recently, an issue with ''P. major major'' was evoked regarding its sting and venom; being larger than native European species, medical treatments in Spain may not be strong enough to counter the stings of the bigger wasps, such as ''P. major major''. Three.. more

Species identified by Joe Spandrusyszyn
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By Joe Spandrusyszyn

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Uploaded Feb 25, 2017. Captured Feb 12, 2017 17:12 in 12 Oak Knoll Ln, Orlando, FL 32819, USA.
  • ILCE-6300
  • f/5.6
  • 1/1000s
  • ISO250
  • 300mm