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New Zealand plover / Tuturiwhatu (Charadrius obscurus) Tawharanui Reserve, New Zealand. 27 Dec 2016. Charadrius obscurus,Geotagged,New Zealand,New Zealand plover,Summer,Winter Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

New Zealand plover / Tuturiwhatu (Charadrius obscurus)

Tawharanui Reserve, New Zealand. 27 Dec 2016.

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  1. Looks like you found quite a lot of endemic species, a typical island thing I guess. Posted one year ago
    1. Well sadly, as in most islands, a lot of endemics went extinct after the arrival of people, first the Maori (the bigger birds) and then the Europeans (just about everything else). But without making a specific effort to see some of the really restricted ones (this was a family holiday after all), I did manage to see a good number of the surviving ones. Posted one year ago
      1. Preventable extinction upsets me so much. I recently learned about elephant birds in Madagascar and giant lemurs. Fantasy-like creatures, but they were real up to 200 years ago. That's not that long ago. Posted one year ago
        1. Exactly! Some of New Zealand's moas were even bigger than the elephant birds, they were preyed upon by and Haast's eagle, the heaviest eagle to ever have ever lived. They're all gone now, along with over 40 other bird species... Posted one year ago
          1. Whoah! Did not know about either of those species. Large birds can be quite intimidating, I vividly remember this encounter:

            Southern Cassowary I can't help myself, this is one of my favorite animals.  Birds,Cassowary,Casuarius casuarius,Geotagged,Malaysia,Southern Cassowary

            Not even close to the size of a moa, but I still had this primal/dinosaur feeling about it. So sad they are extinct in recent past. It is much easier to accept an extinction a million years ago compared to one just recently, entirely caused by us.

            Of course, no such list is complete without megalodon, despite it being very long ago:
            Posted one year ago

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The New Zealand plover, red-breasted plover, or New Zealand dotterel is an endangered species found only in certain areas of New Zealand. Its Māori names include tūturiwhatu, pukunui, and kūkuruatu. There are two subspecies, ''C. o. obscurus'' in the South Island and ''C. o. aquilonius'' in the North Island. A 2015 study found its closest relatives to be other plovers found in New Zealand, the nearest the wrybill , which the study found to be in the ''Charadrius'' clade, and then the double-banded.. more

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Uploaded Feb 16, 2017. Captured Dec 27, 2016 16:58 in 1181 Takatu Rd, Tawharanui Peninsula 0986, New Zealand.
  • PENTAX K-3
  • f/7.1
  • 1/1250s
  • ISO800
  • 300mm