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Hemidactylus frenatus I take this one to be a &quot;Common House Gecko&quot; (Hemidactylus frenatus) ... correction if wrong appreciated!<br />
Update: ID confirmed @ Cecak kayu,Common House Gecko,Common house gecko,Gecko,Gekkonidae,Geotagged,Hemidactylus,Hemidactylus frenatus,Indonesia,Reptilia Click/tap to enlarge Country intro

Hemidactylus frenatus

I take this one to be a "Common House Gecko" (Hemidactylus frenatus) ... correction if wrong appreciated!
Update: ID confirmed @

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The common house gecko, scientific name ''Hemidactylus frenatus'' , is a native of Southeast Asia. It is also known as the Pacific house gecko, the Asian house gecko, or simply, the house lizard. Most geckos are nocturnal, hiding during the day and foraging for insects at night. They can be seen climbing walls of houses and other buildings in search of insects attracted to porch lights, hence their name "house gecko". Spread around the world by ships, these geckos are now common in the Deep South.. more

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Uploaded Dec 16, 2016. Captured in Jl. Flores No.5, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40115, Indonesia.