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Coreus marginatus Copula lateral Copulation posture of Dock Bugs (Coreus marginatus).<br />
Dorsal view here:<br />
<figure class="photo"><a href="https://www.jungledragon.com/image/47008/coreus_marginatus_copula_dorsal.html" title="Coreus marginatus Copula dorsal"><img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.jungledragon.com/images/3043/47008_thumb.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=05GMT0V3GWVNE7GGM1R2&Expires=1582156810&Signature=osawOvfaaiSGwVqkkGtCXeFyCVk%3D" width="200" height="132" alt="Coreus marginatus Copula dorsal Copulation posture of Dock Bugs (Coreus marginatus).<br />
Lateral view here:<br />
https://www.jungledragon.com/image/47009/coreus_marginatus_copula_lateral.html Coreidae,Coreoidea,Coreus,Coreus marginatus,Dock bug,Heteroptera,Leatherbug,Netherlands,Pentatomorpha,copulation" /></a></figure> Coreidae,Coreoidea,Coreus,Coreus marginatus,Dock bug,Heteroptera,Leatherbug,Netherlands,Pentatomorpha,copulation Click/tap to enlarge

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''Coreus marginatus'', commonly called the dock bug, is a species of squash bug. It is a speckled brown insect with a broad abdomen, and is common in most parts of Europe. It is often found in dense vegetation, such as hedgerows and wasteland, where it mainly feeds on the leaves and seeds of docks and sorrels.

It is commonly found in the UK, especially in the south.

Similar species: True Bugs
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