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Blue coloured Woodlouse - Porcellio scaber Blue coloured Woodlouse, found in the garden of my friend's house. Fall,Geotagged,Holland,Iridovirus,Netherlands,Porcellio scaber,Porcellionidae,Rough woodlouse,Woodlouse Click/tap to enlarge

Blue coloured Woodlouse - Porcellio scaber

Blue coloured Woodlouse, found in the garden of my friend's house.

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  1. Oniscus asellus http://www.janvanduinen.nl/isopodaengels.php Posted 2 years ago
  2. Howdy,
    This is NOT Armadillidium vulgare and NOT Oniscus asellus, but Porcellio scaber.
    Please remove/add tags accordingly so that the image may (not) be displayed in the (in)correct galleries.
    Also, please add the tag "Iridovirus" !! ;o)
    Posted 2 years ago
    1. Arp, where possible, please also try to explain why the current identification is wrong. It will come across as more educational and helps prevent the same misidentification in the future. Posted 2 years ago
      1. Hi Ferdy, I appreciate the wish for explanation, but sometimes it is hard to know where to begin, short of writing up an identification guide, which is a tad time consuming ;o)
        Armadilidiidae are "rolly pollies" - woodlice that roll up in defence. They are usually higher, more convex and the epimera are shaped as such that it will allow for some space where they are pressed together when rolled up. They have no uropodites sticking out behind and the head is also less structured and formed to slickly roll into a ball.
        Thiis here specimen is a "clinger" - it will hold on to the surface in defense. Clingers are flattened and short-legged.

        RMFelix suggested Oniscus asellus, while referring to the excellent page by my good friend Jan van Duinen See link above somewhere. On that page you will find two images of blue woodlice infected with an Iridovirus, right above each other. One is Oniscus asellus (smooth!), the other Porcelli scaber (rough!). See the difference?

        Porcellio scaber might most likely be confused (in the Netherlands) with the likes of Trachelipus rathkii or Porcellio dilatatus or P. spinicornis. But that explanation will be for some other time.
        Posted 2 years ago
        1. That's a fantastic response, and exactly the kind of info I was looking for, thanks a lot. Posted 2 years ago
        2. Thanks, Pudding4brains for the corrected ID :) Posted 2 years ago

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''Porcellio scaber'' , is a species of European woodlouse.

Similar species: Brood Pouch Crustaceans
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Uploaded Oct 11, 2016. Captured Oct 10, 2016 23:22 in Middenweg, 1703 Heerhugowaard, Netherlands.
  • TG-4
  • f/14.0
  • 1/100s
  • ISO800
  • 16.48mm