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Scorpionfly side view, Netherlands  Aerenea apicalis,Europe,Geotagged,Heesch,Macro,Netherlands,Panorpa cognata,Photography Styles,Scorpionfly,Summer,World,the Netherlands Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Difficult (mostly impossible) angle for ID - due to the red head I'm assuming cognata here ... Posted one year ago
    1. Thanks so much Arp for the corrections, identifications for this genus were quite a mess. Posted one year ago
      1. Not worse than anywhere else - they're not easy :o)
        There are still some that I need to reconsider - especially quite a few that now carry a name, but of which I would say that the single images are unidentifiable ... Mat need to contact the authors if they have more viewing angles and/or decide to just take the ID out and mark them as Panorpa sp. somehow.
        Posted one year ago

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''Panorpa cognata'' is a species of scorpionfly found across the United Kingdom, western Europe and into Russia. These slender, small insects have a forewing length ranging between 10 to 15mm, and are orange-brown in colour, sometimes with black colouration along the posterior margin, the base of the antennae, sometimes the pronotum. True to their name, males have an oval-shaped genital bulb, resembling that of a scorpion’s stinger.

Similar species: Scorpionflies And Allies
Species identified by Pudding4brains
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By Ferdy Christant

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Uploaded Aug 28, 2016. Captured Aug 8, 2015 19:00 in Nistelrodeseweg 24, 5384 PN Heesch, Netherlands.
  • NIKON D800
  • f/8.0
  • 1/60s
  • ISO100
  • 105mm