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Achiote  Achiote,Bixa orellana,Geotagged,Mauritius,Winter Click/tap to enlarge Country intro

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Achiote is a shrub or small tree originating from the tropical region of the Americas. The name derives from the Nahuatl word for the shrub, ''āchiotl'' [aːˈt͡ʃiot͡ɬ]. It is also known as Aploppas, and its original Tupi name ''uruku''. It is cultivated there and in Southeast Asia, where it was introduced by the Spanish in the 17th century. It is best known as the source of the natural pigment annatto, produced from the fruit. The plant bears pink flowers and bright red spiny fruits which.. more

Similar species: Malvales
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Uploaded Aug 2, 2016. Captured Jul 16, 2016 17:20 in A 10, Mauritius.
  • NIKON D7000
  • f/5.6
  • 1/160s
  • ISO800
  • 300mm