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Alexandrine parakeet This photo shows how their tail is about 1.5 times the length of their body. Alexandrine parakeet,Geotagged,Papegaaienpark VeldHoven,Parrot Park Veldhoven,Psittacula eupatria,The Netherlands,birds Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Did you take the parrot photos at the parrot shelter in Veldhoven? Oh sorry I see the answer now in your tags... Posted 10 years ago, modified 10 years ago
    1. Yep :) I'm sharing them slowly because after this set I'm out of stock. Need to make some new visits soon. Posted 10 years ago
  2. Yes, I know how you feel, I'm almost out of material from Tilburg too (at least concerning the more unique shots). Did you do a lot of post processing on this one? The bright yellow, the vivid green and fringes of green branches: it is quite splendid and catchy. Well done! Posted 10 years ago
    1. The photo was quite bright and colorful originally, but I spiced that up even more with the "Photo stylizer" filter that is part of Color Effex. I also removed some noise due to the high ISO. Posted 10 years ago, modified 10 years ago
  3. It worked out like a charm/pro. I like it a lot. My experiments with Lightroom are progressing too, I now know a good picture can be improved almost anytime by a little post processing. Some of my more advanced shots I have added convincingly great shadow and light play on a photo that had none, and it only takes about one to five minutes. That I like too! about half a year ago I did not believe in post processing at all and strived for killer shots. A lot of professionals, if not all, do it for a good reason. Good can be marvellous, marvellous can be godlike;) Posted 10 years ago, modified 10 years ago
  4. Beautiful image - like your processing Posted 10 years ago
  5. Thanks both! Posted 10 years ago

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The Alexandrine parakeet is a medium-sized parrot in the genus Psittacula of the family Psittaculidae. It is named after Alexander the Great, who transported numerous birds from Punjab to various European and Mediterranean countries and regions, where they were prized by the royalty, nobility and warlords.

Similar species: Parrots
Species identified by Ferdy Christant
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By Ferdy Christant

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Uploaded Apr 18, 2012. Captured Mar 18, 2012 15:08 in Wintelresedijk, 5507 Veldhoven, The Netherlands.
  • NIKON D7000
  • f/7.1
  • 1/500s
  • ISO2000
  • 150mm