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Erica Moorlands The strange Erica Moorlands photographed in Bale National Park, Ethiopia Ethiopia,Fall,Geotagged Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Erica Moorlands

The strange Erica Moorlands photographed in Bale National Park, Ethiopia

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  1. Unfortunately we cannot create a new species here as it is an environment as opposed to an actual species of animal.
    Beautiful forest, I was fortunate enough to visit Ethiopia some years ago and was amazed at how lush and green parts of the country are, really quite stunning. Probably one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. Shame I didn't get to see this.
    Posted 4 years ago
  2. Yes, I fully agree with you on that Claire! Though do you by chance know what type of species the Erica Moorland trees are? Are they not an indigenous tree type of the Bale region? If so they would probably not be introduced yet on this site. I did some googling myself but could not find anything? Maybe you have an idea? Posted 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago
    1. Erica arborea is probably the tree species in the photo but the thick moss and lichen growth obscure details of the trees' leaves so the id is not certain. Posted one year ago
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  4. Today's Facebook post:

    Behold the beautifully surreal Erica Moorlands in Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia. The park is a protected area that encompasses an area of approximately 2,200 square kilometers. The volcanic Bale Mountains have one of the highest incidences of endemic species in Africa AND in the world! They have a wet, mild climate with great variation in altitude, thus making them an extraordinary place that includes grasslands, moorlands, forests, and Afro-alpine meadows.

    The mountains are home to many endemic animals, such as the critically endangered Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis), which is the rarest canid in the world. This wolf is unique in that it relies mostly on subterranean rodents for food—a strategy that is very beneficial in the Bale Mountains where the rodent biomass is exceptionally high. The vegetation is also impressive with many endemic plants growing in the area. Living in such a challenging environment requires many species to have unique adaptations if they want to survive. Gigantism is one such adaptation that can be observed in many plant species! The giant lobelia is one example…It takes several decades to grow, and then blooms once, producing a flower that is five meters above the ground!! Afterwards, the plant dies of exhaustion.

    The Bale Mountains are a definite treasure to Ethiopia and to the rest of the world as well! {Photo credit: Daniel Nelson} #JungleDragon #EricaMoorlands #Balemountainsnationalpark

    Posted 8 months ago

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By DanielNelson

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Uploaded Jul 4, 2016. Captured Dec 14, 2015 16:59 in Unnamed Road, Ethiopia.
  • Canon EOS 6D
  • f/4.0
  • 1/40s
  • ISO2000
  • 24mm