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Regent Honeyeater. This bird is struggling to survive and the outlook is pretty poor. Anthochaera phrygia,Australia,Geotagged,Regent honeyeater Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

Regent Honeyeater.

This bird is struggling to survive and the outlook is pretty poor.

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  1. What a waste, it is so gorgeous as well as useful. What is the main threat? Habitat loss? Posted 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago
    1. This is really a sad story to follow as this bird will proberbly not survive at the current numbers which on the last count was between 800-2000 birds. The main problem as you picked it is habitat loss and this bird requires a special type of dry woodland eucalyptus forest. It is a nomatic bird moving from one small remnant of forest to another only to compete with the larger birds e.g. Noisy Miner wattle birds etc. Bottom line is that there is not enough ideal forest left for this bird to breed in peace. Posted 3 years ago
  2. Another extraordinary Aussie bird. Thanks for sharing this great shot. The rate at which people see fit to alter the environment here is frightening. Posted 3 years ago
  3. Well said mark big problem is how do we educate people. Posted 3 years ago
  4. Sad to know about the numbers and its struggle for survival. Posted 3 years ago
    1. Thanks Sunil it sure is a big problem not only here but world wide. Posted 3 years ago

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The regent honeyeater is a critically endangered bird endemic to South Eastern Australia. It is commonly considered a flagship species within its range, with the efforts going into its conservation having positive effects on many other species that share its habitat. Recent genetic research suggests it is closely related to the wattlebirds.

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