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Perentie  Australia,Geotagged,Perentie,Varanus giganteus Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. What's that grey thing.. a tick? Posted 6 years ago
    1. No Mark.. That is the inside from a roadkill kangaroo.. This guys are the clean up masters.. Posted 6 years ago

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The perentie is the largest monitor lizard or goanna native to Australia, and fourth-largest living lizard on earth, after the Komodo dragon, the crocodile monitor, and the water monitor. Found west of the Great Dividing Range in the arid areas of Australia, they are not a common sight because of their shyness and the remoteness of much of their range from human habitation.

Their status in indigenous Aboriginal culture is evident in the totemic relationships, and part of a dreaming, as.. more

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By Christiane Geissler

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Uploaded Mar 8, 2016. Captured in Yardie Creek Rd, Cape Range National Park WA 6707, Australia.