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Backyard news I Papilio machaon, last stage caterpillar. Old World swallowtail,Papilio machaon,animalia,arthropoda,biodiversity,butterfly,hexapoda,insects,lepidoptera,papilionidae,rhopalocera Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. It looks like it is about to pop ;) What are those yellow horn-like things? Posted 6 years ago
    1. They are called 'osmeterium', and they are used to defend themselves from predators. The larvae can eject (protrude) this fleshy orange and strong smelling fork to warn predators. The smell is like a processed essence of the common ruta sp. that they feed on. Cheers* Posted 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
      1. Thanks for the info! Posted 6 years ago

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''Papilio machaon'', the Old World swallowtail, is a butterfly of the family Papilionidae. The butterfly is also known as the common yellow swallowtail or simply the swallowtail . It is the type species of the genus ''Papilio''. This widespread species is found in much of the Palearctic and in North America.

Similar species: Moths And Butterflies
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