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Antlion Antlion - Palpares libelluloides Animalia,Antlion,Arthropoda,Besaparski hills protected area,Bulgaria,Europe,Geotagged,Insecta,Myrmeleontidae,Natura 2000,Net-winged insect,Neuroptera,Palpares libelluloides,Rodopi mountains,Summer,Wildlife Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Wonderful series, Jivko, what beautiful insects. Posted 4 years ago
    1. I have never seen them before. It was quite a chase... They hardly stay on one place for more than couple of seconds. Posted 4 years ago
      1. The chase was worth it :) Posted 4 years ago
  2. Spectacular. Posted 4 years ago
    1. Thank you, Mark. It was quite a chase... Very hot midday, remaining on spot for only couple of seconds and then making long flies... I left all my gear behind and run after it with the camera sweating and cursing... But it is worth! Posted 4 years ago
      1. Phew! Luckily ours take another approach. They pretend they are something else and keep still. I'll try to find one to post.
        Ahh here it is by Leuba. You can come and chase ours... they keep perfectly still and look like rubbish :)
        Angular-wing Antlion (Periclystus circuiter) This fantastic antlion looked like many other things ( a piece of moulted reptilian skin, an abandoned cobweb with trapped insects and even dried-up bird dropping.) as it clung to a dried twig. The head, thorax and abdomen were dark with the last abdominal segments showing some yellow. Antennae were short with slightly curved tips. The spectacular wings looked like lace with dark patterns of black and brown. When in flight, the frames of the wings were hardly visible, showing flashes of dark spatters. Body length (including long fore-wings and antennae) would have been about 50 mm.<br />
<br />
Spotted in a nature reserve. An amazing find for me ! Angle winged antlion,Australia,Geotagged,Periclystus circuiter,Summer

        Posted 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago

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''Palpares libelluloides'' is a species of antlion in the genus ''Palpares'' belonging to the Myrmeleonidae family.

Similar species: Net-winged Insects
Species identified by Jivko Nakev
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By Jivko Nakev

All rights reserved
Uploaded Jul 9, 2015. Captured Jul 7, 2015 11:19 in 8004, Ognyanovo, Bulgaria.
  • ides
  • f/6.3
  • 1/640s
  • ISO125
  • 100mm