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Golden Oriole Golden Oriole<br />
Place: Gunjur lake, Bengaluru<br />
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  1. Very nice shot. But did you crop the image ? Promoted. Posted 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago
    1. Yes Sunil, I had to get rid of the unwanted background noise
      Here is the crop ratio… any tips for improvements ?
      Posted 4 years ago
  2. Nice pic, I had real trouble trying to get a decent shot of one when we were in India. This is far better than mine. Posted 4 years ago
    1. The exif shows that 600mm of focal length has a lot to do with it. Which is of course still no guarantee. Beautiful capture @gsachar! Posted 4 years ago
      1. So very true!
        http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/photos/6009062/ - Me & my gear

        Thank you!
        Posted 4 years ago, modified 3 years ago
    2. Thank you! Posted 4 years ago

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The Eurasian golden oriole or simply golden oriole is the only member of the oriole family of passerine birds breeding in northern hemisphere temperate regions. It is a summer migrant in Europe and western Asia and spends the winter season in central and southern Africa.

Golden orioles have an extremely large range with large populations that are apparently stable. Therefore, they are evaluated as least concern by BirdLife International.

Similar species: Passerines
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By Ganesh Seshachar

All rights reserved
Uploaded Jul 2, 2015. Captured Jan 17, 2015 13:50 in State Highway 35, Kachamaranahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560087, India.
  • NIKON D7100
  • f/6.3
  • 1/1000s
  • ISO2800
  • 600mm