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Thistle at 3000m This american snout was snapped at 3000m on Mt Lemmon outside of Tucson, AZ. American Painted Lady,Cirsium vulgare,Spear Thistle,Vanessa virginiensis Click/tap to enlarge

Thistle at 3000m

This american snout was snapped at 3000m on Mt Lemmon outside of Tucson, AZ.

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  1. This is not an american snout, but a Painted Lady.

    I'm not convinced it is the right thistle either so I would prefer to identify the butterfly.
    Posted 4 years ago
    1. Thank you for the correction on the butterfly. The thistle research came from http://www.nazflora.org/cirsium_vulgare.htm

      Posted 4 years ago
      1. This is even more convincing that it is not the same species, it is much more spiny. Posted 4 years ago
        1. This has been a hard one to identify due to so many variations in images depending on source. I have looked at several sites using the same species and images vary greatly. I wonder if it has to do in part to geography. This one is very close. Found at high elevations in my region. http://www.polyploid.net/swplants/pages/Cirsium_wheeler.html What do you think?? I want to get it identified... Posted 4 years ago
          1. Looking at the flower, this is a better match, but you have to compare the rest of the plant too - leaves, habit. Posted 4 years ago

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The American Painted Lady or American Lady is a butterfly found throughout North America.

''Vanessa virginiensis'' lives in flowery habitats, usually in mountains. The larvae feed on various Asteraceae, especially the cudweeds of genus ''Gnaphalium''. All stages of the life cycle can be found throughout temperate North America as well as Madeira and the Canary Islands. Occasionally individuals can be found as far as south-west Europe.

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