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Spider Monkey, Chan Chich, Belize Spider Monkey, Chan Chich, Belize Ateles geoffroyi,Belize,Geoffroys spider monkey,Mammals,Monkeys,Spider Monkey Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Wow, one of my favorites from you yet! Promoted to homepage. Posted 8 years ago
  2. Is this species ID correct? belize has two monkey species in the mammal lists - black howler monkey and Geoffroy's spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi). Ateles belzebuth is not found in the wild in Belize.....on the IUCN map it is further south in ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, not in Central America. See mammal list belize http://biological-diversity.info/mammals.htm Posted 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago
    1. Well spotted. It doesn't look right. Feel free to change both of them. Posted 4 years ago

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Geoffroy's spider monkey, ''Ateles geoffroyi'', also known as black-handed spider monkey, is a species of spider monkey, a type of New World monkey, from Central America, parts of Mexico and possibly a small portion of Colombia. There are at least five subspecies. Some primatologists classify the black-headed spider monkey, ''A. fusciceps'', found in Panama, Colombia and Ecuador as the same species as Geoffroy's spider monkey.

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