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Southern Leaf-Tailed Gecko A Southern Leaf-Tailed Gecko perched on a rock crevice Australia,Geckos,Geotagged,Lizards,Reptiles,Saltuarius swaini,Sothern Leaf-tailed Gecko,Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

The southern leaf-tailed gecko has two species. One, ''Saltuarius wyberba'', lives in the granite belt of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland, Australia. They do their foraging at night on massive rock faces. They have been observed active at temperatures colder than −10°C.

The other species, ''Saltuarius swaini'', inhabits rainforests and lives inside large tree root systems and hollows of strangler figs.

Similar species: Scaled Reptiles
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Uploaded Apr 3, 2015. Captured in 72 Ninth Avenue South, Loftus NSW 2232, Australia.