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The collared iguana - Oplurus cuvieri  Animalia,Chordata,Collared iguanid lizard,Geotagged,Iguania,Lacertilia,Madagascar,Opluridae,Oplurus,Oplurus cuvieri,Palmarium Reserve,Reptilia,Squamata,Vertebrata,ankanin'ny nofy Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Man I would love to go to Madagascar! You're are so lucky to see such amazing creatures and to be able to photograph them in such a brilliant manor as such. Posted 6 years ago

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The Collared iguanid lizard, ''Oplurus cuvieri'' is an arboreal Malagasy iguana, the largest of six ''Oplurus'' species. They are found in the western tropical forests of Madagascar and on Grand Comore Island. They have a mostly carnivorous diet and their breeding is timed with the rainy season.

Similar species: Scaled Reptiles
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Uploaded Mar 26, 2015. Captured in 2, Madagascar.