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Grey Backed Shrike Place: Paddy farm near my hometown  Davangere,Fall,Geotagged,Grey-backed shrike,India,Lanius tephronotus,Nikon D7100,Shrike,birds,details,portrait,tamron,wildlife Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

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  1. Very nice shot of this wonderful species. Posted 5 years ago
  2. great shot Posted 5 years ago
  3. Nice shot... :) Posted 5 years ago

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The grey-backed shrike is a species of bird in the Laniidae family.
It is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Among the shrikes, they breed at the highest altitude. They are partial migrants, with some populations moving south in winter. They breed in summer from late May to early July. The nest is built in a bush and about 3 to 5 eggs are laid. The eggs are incubated by the female alone and incubation.. more

Similar species: Passerines
Species identified by Ganesh Seshachar
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By Ganesh Seshachar

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Uploaded Mar 22, 2015. Captured Dec 7, 2014 08:08 in Chikkabudhihal Road, Karnataka 577589, India.
  • NIKON D7100
  • f/6.3
  • 1/1000s
  • ISO360
  • 600mm