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Mud skipper Which sub-species i don't know... Boleophthalmus something! :) Blue-spotted mudskipper,Bluespotted Mudhopper,Boleophthalmus boddarti,Geotagged,India,John Rowell,Odisha,Orissa,Wildlife,Winter,adhocphotographer,bhitarkanika Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Great camouflage, apart from the bright blue dots :) Posted 5 years ago
  2. Indeed... :) still not easy to spot when they are still! :/ Posted 5 years ago
  3. I think it is Boleophthalmus pectinirostris, but it is not available... I have sent a request! :) Posted 5 years ago
    1. Thanks, good work on the ID. Species created. Posted 5 years ago
      1. It took my googling to a new level! :P Posted 5 years ago
    2. It looks a lot like this one which is identified as Boleophthalmus boddarti.
      Mudskipper A very interesting amphibian, able to store air and wander around outside water. Uses its fins to walk around. Usually lives around areas that has high tide activity. Blue-spotted Mudskipper,Blue-spotted mudskipper,Boleophthalmus boddarti,Geotagged,India,Sunderban

      How do you tell the difference between the two species if the dorsal fins are not visible? According to the distribution range, only Boleophthalmus boddarti is found in India.
      Posted 5 years ago, modified 5 years ago
      1. Hey thanks! :) I was focussing on the blue dots! :) Posted 5 years ago
  4. In meantime I've done some research as well and think @WildFlower is right.
    Posted 5 years ago, modified 5 years ago
  5. This is what I love about this place! Thanks for the help guys! :) Posted 5 years ago

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Boleophthalmus boddarti is a species of mudskipper native to the eastern Indian Ocean and the western central Pacific Ocean.

Similar species: Perch-like Fishes
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By JohnR

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Uploaded Feb 11, 2015. Captured Feb 9, 2015 12:07 in Rajnagar - Pattamundai Road, Pitanda, Odisha 754248, India.
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • f/4.0
  • 1/2500s
  • ISO200
  • 500mm