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Jacana Jacana of some sort, but still narrowing it down! :P 2014,Cochin,Geotagged,India,Jacana jacana,Kerala,Kochi,Metopidius indicus,Wattled Jacana,Winter,bronze-winged jacana Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

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  1. Found it and identified it for you. No worries, the species intro will still count for you :) Posted 5 years ago
    1. I thought it was a bronze winged, as there appears to be only two Jacana species in the area, but i was not convinced yet! :P

      Thanks for the ID conformation! :)
      Posted 5 years ago

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The bronze-winged jacana is a jacana. It is the only member of the genus ''Metopidius''. The jacanas are a group of waders in the family Charadriidae, which are identifiable by their huge feet and claws which enable them to walk on floating vegetation in the shallow lakes that are their preferred habitat. They are found worldwide within the tropical zone. For the origin and pronunciation of the name, see Jacana.

Similar species: Waders, Gulls, Auks, Etc.
Species identified by Ferdy Christant
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Uploaded Feb 3, 2015. Captured Dec 31, 2014 07:36 in Kavanattinkara Saktheeswaram Temple Road, Kavanattinkara, Kumarakom, Kerala 686563, India.
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • f/4.0
  • 1/1000s
  • ISO800
  • 500mm