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Thunbergia  Bush clock vine,Cuba,Geotagged,Laurel clock vine,Thunbergia erecta,Thunbergia laurifolia Click/tap to enlarge Species introCountry intro

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  1. Thank you! Posted 7 years ago
    1. I don't think it is Thunbergia erecta. The flowers don't look the same. It is most likely one of the 2 species I have suggested above. In those links there is a detailed description of the differences between the species:

      laurel clock vine (Thunbergia laurifolia) usually has relatively narrow leaves that are almost entire or have shallowly lobed or toothed margins. Its leaves are hairless (i.e. glabrous) and are borne on relatively short stalks (usually less than 3 cm long).

      blue thunbergia (Thunbergia grandiflora ) usually has relatively broad leaves bearing relatively large pointed lobes and/or toothed margins. It leaves are usually hairy (i.e. pubescent) and are borne on relatively long hairy stalks (4-12 cm long).
      Posted 7 years ago
  2. I think it must be the Thunbergia laurifolia Lindl. But the leaver are not hairy. Difficult! I saw this flower in Cuba. Posted 7 years ago

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"Thunbergia laurifolia", Laurel clock vine or Blue trumpet vine, is native to India and the Indomalaya ecozone, the species occurs from Indochina to Malaysia. It is locally known as kar tuau in Malaysia and rang jeud in Thailand.

Similar species: Lamiales
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Uploaded Sep 26, 2014. Captured Feb 12, 2007 15:52 in Circuito Sur, Cuba.
  • Canon DIGITAL IXUS 65
  • f/4.9
  • 1/159s
  • 17.4mm