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The Magellan Goose - Chloephaga picta Wonderful goose species. The male was just a little bit more curious than the female :) AChloephaga,Anatidae,Animalia,Anseriformes,Argentina,Aves,Chloephaga picta,Chordata,Geotagged,NP Tierra del Fuego,Tadorninae,Upland goose Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

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  1. What a wonderful pattern on the chest. Great species, great location, great everything. Posted 5 years ago
    1. Thank you :) Posted 5 years ago
  2. I love how you captured the feathers on its breast. It is a very simple, yet beautiful capture! Posted 5 years ago
    1. Thank you very much :) Posted 5 years ago

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The upland goose or Magellan Goose is a sheldgoose of the shelduck-sheldgoose subfamily of the Anatidae, the biological family that includes the ducks and most duck-like waterfowl such as the geese and swans. This bird is indigenous to the southern part of South America.

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Uploaded Aug 23, 2014. Captured in Avenida Doctor HipĆ³lito Yrioyen, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina, Argentina.