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Crimson-crested Woodpecker  Campephilus melanoleucos,Geotagged,Trinidad and Tobago,crimson crested woodpecker Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

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  1. this reminds me of a pileated woodpecker which is located in North America...i have one living in the woods behind my house and it's such a hard creature to photograph! beautiful capture!
    Posted 5 years ago
    1. Thank you Lori, this is actually one of two species from Trinidad that are very similar to pileated woodpeckers, the crimson crested has a mostly red head while the lineated woodpecker is almost identical to a pileated woodpecker. Posted 5 years ago

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The crimson-crested woodpecker is a very large woodpecker which is a resident breeding bird from Panama south to northern border regions of Argentina, and on Trinidad.

The habitat of this species is forests and more open woodland. A nesting hole is excavated in large dead trees. The entrance is fairly large, about 45 to 50 cm in diameter, and oval-shaped.
Female lays 2 to 3 white eggs, sometimes four. Incubation lasts about 9 to 14 days, by both sexes. Woodpeckers have short incubation.. more

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Uploaded Aug 5, 2014. Captured Aug 1, 2014 14:28 in North Coast Road, Las Cuevas, Trinidad and Tobago.
  • PENTAX K-50
  • f/8.0
  • 1/160s
  • ISO400
  • 300mm