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Frigatebird                                 Belize,Fregata magnificens,Geotagged,Magnificent Frigatebird Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Great job on the identification as well as the geotags. Just one part missing: a proper title. "Erics_pictures" doesn't really mean anything to the community, please use the title to describe the scene. Posted 8 years ago

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The magnificent frigatebird (Fregata magnificens) or man o' war is a seabird of the frigatebird family Fregatidae. With a length of 89–114 centimetres (35–45 in) and wingspan of 2.17–2.44 m (7.1–8.0 ft) it is the largest species of frigatebird.

Similar species: Sulids
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Uploaded Jul 30, 2014. Captured Aug 23, 2012 02:17 in Pearl Street, San Pedro, Belize.
  • Canon PowerShot A3100 IS
  • f/8.0
  • 1/403s
  • ISO80
  • 6.2mm