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White-faced Saki (old male) - Epe Zoo  Epe,Europe,Geotagged,Netherlands,Pithecia pithecia,The Netherlands,White-faced saki,Wissel Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. There is no way you would get such a close-up in the wild... Posted 5 years ago
    1. Very unlikely indeed :) Posted 5 years ago

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The white-faced saki , also known as the Guianan saki and the golden-faced saki, is a species of saki monkey, a type of New World monkey, found in Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. This species lives in the understory and lower canopy of the forest, feeding mostly on fruits, but also eating nuts, seeds, and insects.

A formerly recognized subspecies of this monkey, ''P. p. chrysocephala'', was elevated to full species status as ''P. chrysocephala'' in 2014.

Similar species: Primates
Species identified by Ferdy Christant
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By Ferdy Christant

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Uploaded Apr 25, 2014. Captured Jul 28, 2012 10:58 in Achterste Molenweg 17, 8162 RC Epe, The Netherlands.
  • NIKON D7000
  • f/6.3
  • 1/200s
  • ISO3600
  • 500mm